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Drill Pipe

Star Pipe Service has state-of-the-art tube inspection equipment to meet API inspection requirements or third party inspections, including full-length wall thickness measurement of the pipe tubes.

Description of Used Drill Pipe Inspection Categories (DS-1):

Category I
Visual OD and ID of Tube:
OD:  Crooked, Pits, Cuts, Dents, Raised Metal, Slip Crushing, Stretch, Swelling, Cracks,
ID:  Plugged, Corrosion, Pits, Scale, Coating Condition
Visual Connections:  Weight and Grade Marks, Hard Band, Box and Pin Threads, Shoulders, Bevel, Box Swell, Profile Pin

Category II
Visual Tube:  Category I Plus OD Gage Full Length UT Wall Thickness
Visual Connections:  Category I Plus
Dimensional I: Measure Tong Space, Box OD, Box Shoulder Width, Pin ID

Category III
Category I and Category II Plus Star Tube Scan Inspection (Electromagnetic I)
(Same as API RP 7G Standard Rack Inspection)

Category IV
Category III Plus MPI Slip Areas and Upset Areas
Dimensional 2:  Dimensional I Plus Measure Box Counterbore Diameter, Box Counterbore Depth, Box Seal Width, Bevel Diameter, Shoulder Flatness, Pin Base Length

Category V
Categoty IV Plus UT Slip/Upset Area (Blacklight Connections Optional)
Electromagnetic 2:  Same as Star Tube Scan Plus Full-Length Wall Thickness
Electromagnetic I May Be Substituted For Electromagnetic 2

Drill Pipe Units