Star Pipe Service, Inc.

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Oklahoma City, OK 73149

Star Pipe Service, Inc.

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Hoisting Tools & Misc. Equip.

Star Pipe Service has the know how to inspect all kinds of different equipment and drilling components.

  -Elevators -Brake Bands -Swivel Sub (Connections)
  -Bales -Shafts -Kelly Cock (Connections)
  -Hooks -Monel Material -Kelly (Full Length)
  -Traveling Blocks -Swivels -Kelly (Connections)
  -Sheaves -Swivel Mandrels -Kelly Spinner (Connections)
  -Fluid Ends -Swivel Box (Connection) -Derricks (Complete)
  -...And More...

 - Painted equipment should first be sandblasted for the kind of inspection desired.