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Star Pipe Service, Inc.

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Services Explained

BHA (Bottom Hole Assembly) - Star Pipe Service has all the equipment and know how to take care of your BHA components.
  -Hevi-wate/flex-weight Drill Pipe
  -Drill Collars
  -Specialty tools
  -Monel Material

Drill Pipe - Star Pipe Service has state-of-the-art tube inspection equipment to meet API inspection requirements or third party inspections, including full-length wall thickness measurement of the pipe tubes.

Ultrasonic - Star Pipe Service's trade name for ultrasonic inspection of the slip/upset areas on drill pipe is called "Ultra-Scan." This equipment was first designed in 1992 by J.C. Houck and built, developed, and perfected here at Star Pipe Service.

  -Also, handheld ultrasonic instruments are used as follows:
  -Preliminary measurements for drill pipe inspection.
  -Prove up of located imperfections.
  -Thickness measurements of misc. equipment.
  -Defect detection.

Shoulder Refacing - Star Pipe Service's inspection units carry all the most popular connection sizes for immediate resurfacing of field repairable damages to drill pipe and drill collar shoulders.

  -We have tools on the shelf for almost any other connection that might be used, ranging from 2 3/8" to 7 5/8" sizes.

  -Refacing is accomplished by the use of machined and threaded tools, which are rotated on bearings by a large grinder. Abrasive paper removes damage leaving a smooth surface for proper sealing.

Casing and Tubing

API Thread Guaging

Miscellaneous Equipment