Star Pipe Service, Inc.

7100 S. Bryant
Oklahoma City, OK 73149

Star Pipe Service, Inc.

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  A person might wonder... "Why choose Star Pipe Service, Inc. over other NDT (nondestructive testing) services?"

Well... Our 'Mission Statement' tells the story...

 "Our goal is to be the premier NDT inspection company in Oklahoma..."

"We will strive to meet our customer's needs..."

  How is Star Pipe planning to accomplish this grand goal and at a level that will exceed all customer expectations?

"...through excellence, dedication, integrity..."

  No company will work harder to perform a quality inspection that customers can trust to be accurate.

"...and accomplishments of our employees."

  Star Pipe Service, Inc. , has taken it upon itself to personally invest in each and every employee at Star Pipe. Not only does Star Pipe Service, Inc. provide health insurance, per diem, commission, annual bonuses, any necessary protective equipment and clothing, a reimbursement program for steel-toe work boots, and company cook-outs...

  Star Pipe Service, Inc. has taken the initiative to begin a training program to take Star's employees to the next level of perfomance. Star Pipe Service, Inc. has formulated a comprehensive program to bring Star Pipe and their employees to a level of excellence not commonly seen.

  Star Pipe Service, Inc. is proud to announce our Corporate Partnership with The American Society for Nondestructive Testing along with an active training program that attempts to rival even the corporate giants.